We are the law firm of choice for 

Workers' Compensation Claims

Including the defense of Labor Code §132a discrimination claims and Labor Code §4553 Serious and Willful Misconduct claims on behalf of employers, insurance carriers, and third party administrators in California.

Albert and Mackenzie is the law firm of choice for all types of Workers' Compensation Claims, including the defense of Labor Code §132a discrimination claims and Labor Code §4553 Serious and Willful Misconduct claims on behalf of employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators in California. We also specialize in the defense of fraudulent claims, having achieved an unparalleled track record of success.

We are Relentless on Your Behalf

We approach every case with urgency and determination. Our easy-going personal style belies our assertive, hard-driving resolve to attain the best settlement possible. Our attorneys are experts in California law and are intimately familiar with every Workers’ Compensation Board in the state, making us extremely proficient and effective at representing your interests.

We Work to Attain the Fastest Resolution

We work hand-in-hand with the Claims Examiner and Employer to achieve the fastest resolution possible to all workers’ compensation claims. Our primary mission is to reduce claim exposure as much as possible and to bring cases to trial resulting in “Take Nothings” or other limited exposure Awards.

We Put Your Needs First

Our commitment to customer service is unmatched in the industry. We are always available when you need us, day or night. Our tech-savvy attorneys can easily connect with you electronically through our web-enabled practice. We pride ourselves on being timely and responsive. That means our goal is to get back to you in less than 24 minutes, not 24 hours.

We are a Green Law Firm

Our paperless, technology-driven practices ensure fast turnaround of case work, while reducing impact to the environment.  We are committed to eco-friendly processes, eliminating paper where ever possible and relying on cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency and promote sustainability.

We Take a Consistent, Streamlined Approach

All of our attorneys follow consistent reporting procedures, so you always know where to find information when you need it. We streamline the process in order to simplify your involvement.

We Partner with You

At Albert and Mackenzie, we partner with you to ensure the highest quality results.  We believe your direct involvement is crucial to get cases settled quickly and with the best outcome.

We Balance Youthful Exuberance with Veteran Savvy

Our team strikes the perfect balance of young, highly-motivated attorneys with deeply knowledgeable veterans. This mix of exuberance and experience results in a winning formula for clients who expect nothing less than the best.

We Believe in Equality

Our diverse staff of attorneys and support professionals reflects our values and commitment to equal opportunity. We believe our strength comes from our differences.

We Support Your Accreditation Requirements

We provide training to adjusters and employers, along with continuing education credits, so you remain fully accredited.
Firm Managing Partner
“Customer service is our number one priority. We don't just hire lawyers - we recruit outstanding customer service representatives who are great at lawyering.”
-Bruce H. Albert
Firm Managing Partner
“No matter how difficult a defense may be, we make every argument possible to reduce exposure and litigation.”
-Ellen Creager
Senior Managing Partner
“Don’t let our easy going style fool you into thinking we aren’t absolutely relentless when it comes to attaining the best settlement possible.“
-Peter N. Mackenzie
Senior Managing Partner