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Shayna A. Yamada

Senior Associate Attorney

WCAB Venues Covered:Long Beach, Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Santa Ana

Shayna Yamada is a Senior Associate Attorney in our Long Beach office. She focuses on the defense of workers’ compensation claims, with an emphasis on high exposure and complex litigation cases. Shayna values client communication and the need to work as a team to resolve claims successfully and expeditiously.

Throughout Shayna’s workers’ compensation career, she has successfully obtained numerous Take Nothings, cross-examinations, and Petitions for Reconsideration. Her favorite, however, was a successful Reconsideration that resulted in a 91% award against her client reversed and awarded against a codefendant based on a Labor Code §5412 argument. Prior to joining Albert and Mackenzie, Shayna worked as a Defense Attorney in southern California.

Shayna grew up in Venice, California. Her hobbies include hiking, traveling, reading, roller skating, and anything beach related. When time permits, she is also working on her first book, a satirical memoir. An ideal weekend for Shayna is time spent with her children.

Three words to describe Shayna are honest, funny, and introspective. If her life had a theme song, it would be “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin. Shayna’s favorite music genre is Punk and Hard Rock.

With a drive to make her father proud, Shayna set her sights on pursuing a career as an attorney. She lives by the phrase, “Keep it simple stupid”, which was shared by a Loyola Law School professor when discussing taking the bar exam. Fun fact: Shayna was born on a game farm with cougars, wolves, and a chimp named Butch, among other critters.


  • Loyola Law School, Los Angeles-Juris Doctor
  • University of California, Santa Barbara-BA
  • Syracuse University


  • State Bar of California

Specialties: High exposure and complex litigation claims, as well all CIGA-related issues.


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